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Enecon Technologies is a ‘Concept to Production’ company that is uniquely positioned to deliver versatile, innovative, world class quality product development. We personified real customer value by providing advanced embedded designs and manufacturing services through innovative cutting-edge technology. We work closely with our customers and partners to deliver commercially viable best-in-class products. Enecon Technologies prides itself for delivering customized products at highly competitive business model.
Enecon Technologies is a professional design and product development company established in 2013. Working on cutting-edge technology with expertise in semiconductor / systems / IoT engineering Embedded Systems Design, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Telecommunications, Mobile industries.
Started by industry veterans who observed the need for the best consulting practices in semiconductor and other associated industries. Today we have established ourselves as a preferred partner for technology and excellence. Our biggest strength is extensive experience and intensive skills in all aspects of the semiconductor and IoT industry.
With our experience, we want to be focused partner to our clients offering a unique combination of services and solutions giving them an advantage over others in the industry by aligning our self to clients’ vision.
Enecon Technologies has over the years combined operational, technology and engineering excellence to offer customers a comprehensive package of end-to- end embedded design services from front-end consulting and planning to developing, integrating and managing turnkey technology solutions. We offer these services in two business domains Telecom and Industrial Domains.
In addition to developing custom logic solutions, we also develop and licenses certain IP cores and provides IP integration services.
We do support both rapid prototyping and small volume production . We are committed to providing world class manufacturing services @ reasonable costs and exceeding customer expectations.

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